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Table 1 Number of RPSA pseudogenes in different species identified so far

From: Characterization of the ovine ribosomal protein SA gene and its pseudogenes

Species Processed pseudogenes/transcribed Duplicated pseudogenes Reference
Homo sapiens 63(a)/1(b) / Balasubramanian et al. (2009) [45](a)
Asano et al. (2004)[46](b)
Bos taurus 60(c)/1(b) / Germerodt et al. (2004) [32](b)
Sus scrofa 2(b) 1(b) Knorr et al. (2007) [47](b)
Mus musculus 45(a)/2(b) / Balasubramanian et al. (2009) [45](a)
Fernandez et al. (1991) [48](b)
Gallus gallus / / Bignon et al. (1991) [49](b)
Ovis aries / 1(b)? Marcos-Carcavilla et al. (2008)[18](b)
Pan troglodytes 52(a)   Balasubramanian et al. (2009) [45](a)
Rattus norvegicus 45(a)   Balasubramanian et al. (2009)[45](a)
  1. (a) In silico genome-wide screening studies in species with fully sequenced genomes. (b) In vitro studies screening genomic or cDNA library, (c) In silico genome-wide screening study carried out in this paper.