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Table 1 Drosophila genes co-upregulated in S2 cells either infected with FHV or expressing an RNA1 replicon.

From: Complementary transcriptomic, lipidomic, and targeted functional genetic analyses in cultured Drosophila cells highlight the role of glycerophospholipid metabolism in Flock House virus RNA replication

Biological Process Gene Symbol Gene Name
Carbohydrate metabolism cenB1A Centaurin β1A
  CG12582 -
Heme metabolism Alas Aminolevulinate synthase
  l(3)02640 Lethal (3) 02649
Lipid metabolism Cct1 CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase 1
  Cct2 CTP:phosphocholine cytidylyltransferase 2
  CG3902 -
  Lip4 Lipase 4
Protein metabolism CalpC Calpain C
  CG1340 -
  CG4266 -
  CG18557 -
  dream dream
  pUf68 Poly U binding factor 68 kDa
  stv Starvin
Metabolism, other CG3168 -
  CG9886 -
  CG10137 -
  CG17807 -
Defense response cactin cactin
  dos Daughter of sevenless
  Eip75B Ecdysone-induced protein 75B
  PGRP-LA Peptidoglycan recognition protein LA
  Rel Relish
  Sp7 Serine protease 7
  Traf-like TNF-receptor-associated factor-like
Signal transduction CG6954 -
  CG11534 -
  CG12091 -
  Dgp-1 Dgp-1
  drongo drongo
  Ptp61f Protein tyrosine phosphatase 61F
  RhoGAP18B RhoGAP18B
  Socs36E Suppressor of cytokine signalling at 36E
  sra Sarah
Transcription CG16903 -
  Ets21C Ets at 21C
  Nvy Nervy
  Rab10 Rab-protein 10
Cytoskeletal organization Insc Inscuteable
Transport CG4726 -
  Tamo tamo
DNA synthesis DNApol-iota DNApol-iota
Stress response Hsp23 Heat shock protein 23
Cell development Foi Fear-of-intimacy
Ubiquitin cycle CG9153 -
Unknown CG1529 -
  CG4036 -
  CG4281 -
  CG5118 -
  CG5399 -
  CG6701 -
  CG6762 -
  CG7326 -
  CG7457 -
  CG7967 -
  CG8620 -
  CG9796 -
  CG12022 -
  CG12084 -
  CG13117 -
  CG13917 -
  CG13926 -
  CG14642 -
  CG33191 -
  CG34349 -
  Cyp6a17 Cyp6a17
  meso18E meso18E
  Msr-110 Msr-110
  unc-119 unc-119
  1. Biological process designation was determined from either direct GO biological process terms or inferred from GO molecular function terms curated from the Flybase database Complete data for co-upregulated genes, including Flybase ID, CCG number, gene symbol, gene name, GO terms (function, process, and compartment), genetic interaction partners, yeast and human orthologs, and fold change are provided as Additional File 3.