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Figure 4

From: Orchestrated transcription of biological processes in the marine picoeukaryote Ostreococcus exposed to light/dark cycles

Figure 4

Bayesian analysis reveals group of coregulated genes associated with specific biological processes under LD cycles. (A) BFC clusters from 2038 gene probes selected after PCA. In the polar plot each squared dot represents a cluster, with the size of the dot proportional to the size of the cluster. The clusters are positioned around the clock depending on when they peak during the day (Light and dark period are represented in white and black respectively). The distance from the centre is greatest when the value of the THR - measuring the diurnal component of the expression - is greatest. (B) Examples of 70S ribosome and 80S ribosome gene clusters. Feature Number (Feat Num), BFC cluster number (BFC). Stars indicate two probes corresponding to two different feature numbers associated to the same gene in the final annotation. The graphical output consists of a plot, on the right hand side, containing the profiles of the genes that belong to that cluster, together with the estimated posterior mean for that cluster, and a bar plot, on the right hand side, showing the expected posterior values β. Note that cluster 50 and 21 as well as clusters 14, 18 and 19 have nearly identical profiles and for convenience only one cluster profile (e.g. C50) is shown.

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