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Table 4 Number of significant GSEA gene sets in Coriell-18, ECACC-6 and Nf1- Mouse-12 expression datasets.

From: Evidence of perturbations of cell cycle and DNA repair pathways as a consequence of human and murine NF1-haploinsufficiency

  Coriell-18 ECACC-6 Nf1-Mouse-12
Up-regulated gene sets 4 65 189
Down-regulated gene sets 40 1 4
  1. Gene sets with FDR < 0.05 were considered significant. "Up-regulated gene sets" and "Down-regulated gene sets" designate GSEA gene sets overexpressed or underexpressed, respectively, in NF1-affected individuals or Nf1+/- mice as compared to NF1-unaffecteds or wild-type mice.