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Table 1 SNP counts within target genes in significant modules

From: Gene expression profiling in C57BL/6J and A/J mouse inbred strains reveals gene networks specific for brain regions independent of genetic background

  Total bp checked Total SNPs % of bp Non-synonymous coding SNPs % of SNPs found
Magenta 21,218,367 7,128 0.03 59 0.83
Pink 8,637,477 8,193 0.09 19 0.23
Red 15,909,861 10,464 0.07 49 0.47
  1. The first column refers to the number of base pairs checked within a module. To include possible regulatory regions, a margin of 10 kb before and after each gene was used. The second column contains the total number of SNPs found, and the third column shows this number relative to the number of base pairs checked. Non-synonymous coding SNPs are represented in column four, and column five shows the percentage of non-synonymous coding SNPs compared to the total number of SNPs found.