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Table 3 Yeast strains used in this study.

From: Genome-wide characterisation of the Gcn5 histone acetyltransferase in budding yeast during stress adaptation reveals evolutionarily conserved and diverged roles

Strain name Yeast species Genotype Source
Fy368 S. pombe h-, leu-32, ura4-D18, ade6-M210 Ekwall K
Hu799 S. pombe h-, gcn5::KAN-MX, leu-32, ura4-D18, ade6-M210 [22]
By4741 S. cerevisiae MATa, his3-1, leu2-0, met15-0, ura3-0 Murén E
By7285 S. cerevisiae By4741, gcn5::KAN-MX Murén E
By4742 S. cerevisiae MATα, his3-1, leu2-0, lys2-0, ura3-0 Murén E
By17285 S. cerevisiae By4742, gcn5::KAN-MX Murén E
Y090 S. kluyveri MATα thr Piškur J
HuY090 g S. kluyveri Y090 gcn5::KAN-MX this work
BQS1350 S. cerevisiae By4742 Gcn5-MYC13-KanMX6 [17]
Hu2020 S. pombe h-, gcn5-myc::KanMX6, leu 1-32, ura4-D18, ade6-M210 [20]
  1. † Total genes in the GO category.
  2. *Selection criteria see methods.
  3. # p-value from a Fisher's Extract Test (one-sided), statistical considerations are fully discussed in [44].