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Table 1 Combining essentiality with selectivity

From: Drug target prediction and prioritization: using orthology to predict essentiality in parasite genomes

  Probability of essentiality
  Genes with and without paralogues With paralogues Without paralogues
C. elegans
(all genes)
(2941/18860 genes)
(656/5988 genes)
(2285/12872 genes)
C. elegans (excluding genes with mammalian orthologues) 8%
(1090/13307 genes)
(249/4431 genes)
(841/8876 genes)
  1. This table demonstrates the effect of excluding genes with mammalian orthologues on the probability of essentiality. Percentages shown are the number of genes with lethal RNAi (gene knock-down) phenotypes divided by the total number of genes in each category. The numbers of genes are given in brackets.