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Figure 6

From: Intronic microRNAs support their host genes by mediating synergistic and antagonistic regulatory effects

Figure 6

Graph properties. Properties of the four miRNA-target bipartite graphs. (A) The relative densities, number of existing edges divided by all possible edges, in percent of the four graphs for Pictar (PT), TargetScan (TS), RNA22 (R) and consensus model (CM). (B) Log-log plot of the number of predicted miRNA targets for all four different prediction graphs. (C) Log-log plot of cluster specific miRNA target recovery for all four different prediction graphs (for details see text). (D) The mean of the numbers of predicted miRNA targets of the complete graphs (grey), and cluster-specific recovery of miRNA targets (orange): Mean of the sums of all identified targets of one host gene cluster divided by the sums of all host genes of the cluster.

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