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Table 3 Putative host interacting proteins of NEJ of Fasciola hepatica

From: Survey of transcripts expressed by the invasive juvenile stage of the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica

Contig e value Best Hit Accesion Species Description Pfam ID
FHC00852 4,00E-68 Smp173840|29601 S. mansoni 26S protease regulatory subunit PF00004.21
FHC00017 1,00E-172 CAD32937 F. hepatica Pro-cathepsin B2 PF00112.15
FHC00024 0 ACM67632 F. hepatica Cathepsin 2L PF00112.15
FHC00049 0 ABU62925 F. hepatica Cathepsin B3 PF00112.15
FHC00054 1,00E-103 CAD32937 F. hepatica Pro-cathepsin B2 PF00112.15
FHC00092 2,00E-57 ABU62925 F. hepatica Cathepsin B PF00112.15
FHC00154 3,00E-40 ABZ80402 F. hepatica Cathepsin L6 PF00112.15
FHC00522 1,00E-34 ABW75768 F. hepatica Procathepsin L PF00112.15
FHC00855 2,00E-69 ABU62925 F. hepatica Cathepsin B PF00112.15
FHC00201 1,00E-112 CAC85636 F. hepatica Legumain like precursor PF01650.10
FHC00383 2,00E-44 CAC85636 F. hepatica Legumain like precursor PF01650.10
FHC00251 1,00E-27 CAC85636 F. hepatica Legumain like precursor -
FHC00413 2,00E-32 CAC85636 F. hepatica Legumain like precursor -
FHC00456 5,00E-22 Smp002150|29044 S. mansoni Serine protease PF00089.18
FHC00410 7,00E-09 CPRT0000007748 S. japonicum Probable Ufm1-specific protease 2 -
FHC00435 8,00E-46 B7P5Y9_IXOSC I. scapularis Calcium-dependent cysteine protease -
Proteinase Inhibitors
FHC00812 2,00E-16 Q06K58_PHLDU P. duboscqi Endopeptidase inhibitor PF10208.1
FHC00195 1,00E-57 AAV68752 F. hepatica cystatin -
FHC00724 7,00E-13 AAV68752 F. hepatica cystatin -
Antioxidant proteins
FHC00138 1,00E-131 ACI04165 F. hepatica Thioredoxin peroxidase PF00578.13
FHC00167 5,00E-37 DQ821492 Haliotis discus Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase PF00080.12
FHC00152 9,00E-10 CPRT0000000157 S. japonicum Thioredoxin-like protein PF06110.3
FHC00111 3,00E-39 AI446859 E. paraensei Glutathione S-Transferase PF02798.12
FHC00287 5,00E-90 AI446859 E. paraensei μ-Glutathione S-Transferase PF02798.12
FHC00081 2,00E-57 AT007109 P. westermani Glutathione peroxidase PF00255.11
FHC00066 7,00E-49 AT006971 C. sinensis Thioredoxin-2 mitochondrial PF00085.12
Transmembrane proteins
FHC00555 5,00E-26 CPRT0000008170 S. japonicum Clathrin coat-associated protein PF01217.12
FHC00086 6,00E-32 O01372_SCHJA S. japonicum 22.6 kDa membrane-associated antigen PF00036.24
FHC00009 9,00E-54 CPRT0000003434 S. japonicum Transmembrane emp24 protein PF01105.16
FHC00592 2,00E-13 Fgf H. sapiens FGF receptor activating proteín PF10277.1
FHC00037 7,00E-34 AAA31753 F. hepatica NADH dehydrogenase subunit 3 PF00507.11
FHC00241 9,00E-53 CPRT0000009505 S. japonicum Succinate dehydrogenase complex, subunit C PF01127.14
FHC00273 3,00E-24 Smp140000|29115 S. mansoni Tetraspanin-CD63 receptor PF00335.12
FHC00300 1,00E-11 CPRT0000000388 S. japonicum Ssr4; signal sequence receptor -
FHC00606 1,00E-06 Smp156020|29231 S. mansoni Glucose transporter -
Cell signalling
FHC00043 3,00E-31 A4V9Q6_FASHE F. hepatica Calmodulin-like protein 2 PF00036.24
FHC00494 1,00E-100 CPRT0000000218 S. japonicum Phosphatase 2A inhibitor PF00956.10
FHC00519 2,00E-10 CED3_CAEEL C. elegans Caspase-2 PF00656.14
FHC00285 2,00E-43 CPRT0000001178 S. japonicum Cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory protein 1 PF02037.19
FHC00631 1,00E-65 A4IF06_CLOSI C. sinensis Bax inhibitor factor 1 PF01027.12
FHC00565 3,00E-44 Smp_073560 S. mansoni WD domain G beta-like protein PF00400.24
FHC00052 7,00E-29 MADD_DROME D. melanogaster MAP kinase-activating death domain protein -
Structural and motor proteins
FHC00033 4,00E-74 EL620294 O. viverrini Actin 2 PF00022.11
FHC00117 1,00E-149 EL620294 O. viverrini Actin 2 PF00022.11
FHC00487 1,00E-26 C610909 L. rubellus Actin related protein 2/3 PF04699.6
FHC00379 2,00E-34 EL620325 O. viverrini Cofilin PF00241.12
FHC00056 7,00E-53 EL620358 O. viverrini Dynein light chain PF01221.10
FHC00197 1,00E-25 EL619926 O. viverrini Dynein Light Chain PF01221.10
FHC00363 3,00E-11 EL618949 O. viverrini Dynein LC6 -
FHC00802 4,00E-37 CPRT0000002575 S. japonicum Paramyosin PF01576.11
FHC00440 1,00E-99 CAP72051 F. hepatica Tubulin beta-3 PF03953.9
FHC00278 7,00E-21 CAP72050 F. hepatica Tubulin beta-2 -