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Table 3 Gene ontology (GO) categories significantly overrepresented in bovine copy number variations

From: Identification of copy number variations and common deletion polymorphisms in cattle

Group GO Term Count P-value
Gene cytoplasm 73 7.62E-10
  intracellular part 95 7.74E-09
  cytoplasmic part 52 9.79E-08
  intracellular organelle 81 3.74E-07
  organelle 81 3.74E-07
  intracellular 100 3.76E-07
  developmental process 31 2.14E-06
  intracellular membrane-bound organelle 70 3.87E-06
  membrane-bound organelle 70 3.93E-06
  binding 130 5.64E-06
  cell differentiation 22 1.70E-05
  cellular developmental process 22 1.70E-05
  negative regulation of cellular process 16 2.27E-05
  multicellular organismal development 22 4.24E-05
  regulation of apoptosis 12 4.28E-05
  regulation of programmed cell death 12 4.87E-05
  negative regulation of biological process 16 5.02E-05
  intracellular organelle part 40 5.89E-05
  cell development 17 6.14E-05
  organelle part 40 6.36E-05
  protein binding 61 8.41E-05
  apoptosis 14 1.06E-04
  programmed cell death 14 1.17E-04
  biological regulation 47 1.72E-04
  organelle membrane 22 1.90E-04
  regulation of cellular process 41 2.02E-04
  death 14 2.37E-04
  cell death 14 2.37E-04
  regulation of biological process 43 2.62E-04
  DNA replication 8 2.67E-04
  multicellular organismal process 25 6.73E-04
  calmodulin binding 6 7.07E-04
  anatomical structure development 17 8.08E-04
  cell cycle 12 9.23E-04
Nearby gene multicellular organismal process 19 6.90E-07
  regulation of biological quality 11 2.98E-05
  cell morphogenesis 6 5.63E-04
  cellular structure morphogenesis 6 5.63E-04
  cellular morphogenesis during differentiation 4 7.67E-04