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Table 2 Genes missing in the sequenced clinical isolates for which no transposon mutants are availablea.

From: Evolutionary conservation of essential and highly expressed genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Locus ID Psae1152/2162 Psae1747/2136 PADJ-1 PADJ-2 PADJ-3
normalized read depthb
PA0637 0/0 (absent) 1.20/0.99 (present) 0.40 0.13 0.29
PA2387 0.18/0.18 (absent) 0.19/0.11 (absent) 0.26 0.89 0.47
PA2565 1.30/1.32 (present) 0/0 (absent) 0.79 0.89 0.47
  1. a Within the scope of the two comprehensive libraries [13, 14].
  2. b Genes were assumed to be absent if the normalized read depth was below 0.25. In the pooled sequence data sets, the read depth gives only a rough estimate for the fraction of strains that harbor the gene.