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Table 2 Putative effectors found in the XAC, XauB, and XauC genome sequences.

From: Novel insights into the genomic basis of citrus canker based on the genome sequences of two strains of Xanthomonas fuscans subsp. aurantifolii

Effector family XAC XauB XauC Pfam: functional/structural domain Effectors
Candidate effectors common to XAC, XauB, and XAUC
AvrBs2 XAC0076 XAUB_16770 XAUC_23650 Glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase AvrBs2 from X. campestris pv. vesicatoria [119]
AvrBs3 XACa0022 (pthA1)
XACa0039 (pthA2) XACb0015 (pthA3)
XACb0065 (pthA4)
XAUC_22430 XAUC_24060
Transcriptional activator, nuclear localization PthA [17]
XopE1 (avrXacE1, hopX, avrPphE) XAC0286 XAUB_37010 XAUC_37580 Putative transglutaminase AvrXacE1, XopE1 from X. campestris pv. vesicatoria [120]
XopE3 (avrXacE2, hopX, avrPphE) XAC3224 XAUB_14680 XAUC_00040 Putative transglutaminase AvrXacE2 [121]
XopF2 XAC2785 Ψ XAUB_07540 Ψ XAUC_21000 Ψ   XopF2 [122]
XopI XAC0754 XAUB_39080 XAUC_07100 F-box protein X. campestris pv. vesicatoria[120]
XopK XAC3085 XAUB_34090 XAUC_12520   Identified in Xoo by cya assay [123]
XopL XAC3090 XAUB_34130 XAUC_02900/12488 Ψ LRR protein [121]
XopQ (hopQ1) XAC4333 XAUB_10220 XAUC_14670 Inosine uridine nucleoside N-ribohydrolase [124]
XopR XAC0277 XAUB_36920 XAUC_37490   Identified in Xoo by cya assay [123]
XopV XAC0601 XAUB_23140 XAUC_21260   Identified in Xoo by cya assay [123]
XopX (HolPsyAE) XAC0543 XAUB_14760 XAUC_20690   [125]
XopZ (HopAS, AWR) XAC2009 XAUB_11532/13710 Ψ XAUC_25915   [123]
XopAD (skwp, RSc3401) XAC4213 XAUB_02510 XAUC_34870 SKWP repeat protein Skwp from Ralstonia [126]
XopAI (HopO1 (HopPtoO, HopPtoS), HopAI1 (HolPtoAI)) XAC3230 XAUB_26830 XAUC_23780 ADP-ribosyltransferase [120]
XopAK (HopAK1 (HopPtoK, HolPtoAB)C terminal domain) XAC3666 XAUB_02580 XAUC_32490   Not confirmed to be effector in Xanthomonas; homolog of effector in Pseudomonas
HrpW (PopW) XAC2922 XAUB_19460
(associated with hrp cluster)
XAUC_20020 (associated with hrp cluster) Pectate lyase, may not be T3SE [127]
Candidate effectors present in XAC and XauB BUT ABSENT in XauC
XopE2 (avrXacE3, avrXccE1) XACb0011 XAUB_31660 - Putative transglutaminase XopE2 found in another C strain [120]
XopN (hopAU1) XAC2786 XAUB_07520 - ARM/HEAT repeat [51]
XopP XAC1208 XAUB_06720 -   [124]
XopAE (HpaF/G/PopC) XAC0393 XAUB_19500 - LRR protein Xcv8510 [52]
Candidate effectors present in XauB and XauC BUT ABSENT from XAC
XopB (hopD1, avrPphD1) - XAUB_09070/14842 Ψ XAUC_00260   [128]
XopE4 (HopX) - XAUB_23330 XAUC_31730   New class introduced
XopJ (AvrXccB) - XAUB_20830 XAUC_08850 C55-family cysteine protease or Ser/Thr acetyltransferase [129]
XopAF (avrXv3, HopAF1 (HopPtoJ)) - XAUB_02310 XAUC_00300   [130]
XopAG (AvrGf1, HopG1 (HopPtoG). HolPtoW) - XAUB_03570 Ψ XAUC_04910   AvrGf1 [21]
Candidate effectors present only in XauC
XopF1 (Hpa4) - - XAUC_20060 Ψ   [124]
  1. Some of the effectors appear to be pseudogenes (indicated by a Ψ). In column 'effector family' we provide the standard effector name along with the names of related proteins belonging to the same family; in column 'effectors' we provide the reference where the effector indicated was characterized.