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Table 1 Statistics from some contemporary finishing projects.

From: Finishing genomes with limited resources: lessons from an ensemble of microbial genomes

Genome Size (Mbp) Sequencing Center Release Date Finishing Reads
Yersinia pestis Angola 4.68 TIGR 12/12/07 5,642
Frankia sp. CcI3 5.4 JGI 02/06/06 2,417
Vibrio cholerae O395 4.1 TIGR 05/08/07 4,521
Salmonella enterica SL476 4.99 JCVI 07/24/08 799
Pantoea stewartii stewartii - Baylor Ongoing 524
Verrucomicrobium spinosum DSM4136 8.2 JCVI Ongoing 3,828
Aliivibrio salmonicida LFI1238 4.6 Sanger 10/01/08 2,033
  1. Data was collected from NCBI's Trace Archive and Genomes Database. The V. cholerae genome was sequenced using a 454/Sanger hybrid approach while the rest of the genomes were sequenced by Sanger sequencing. Note that the P. stewartii genome was found to be particularly hard to finish, despite the high sequence coverage using Sanger sequencing, because of the presence of numerous plasmids in the sequenced strain.