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Table 1 Predicted functional assignments in the xylose and xyloside utilization pathway

From: Reconstruction of xylose utilization pathway and regulons in Firmicutes

Proteina Example gene ID Predicted functional role Annotation in GenBank Phylogenetic distribution
XylA-II CAC2610 Xylose isomerase Fucose isomerase related protein Clostridium, C. saccharolyticus
XylB CAC2612 Xylulokinase Xylulokinase (with CAC1344) Bacilli, Clostridia
XylT Cbei_0109 Xylose H+-symporter Sugar transporter Clostridium, Lactobacillales
XylR CAC3673 Xylose regulator XylR regulator (with CAC0933) Bacilli, Clostridia
XynT CAC3451 Xyloside Na+(H+)- symporter Sugar Na+(H+)-symporter Clostridium, Lactobacillales, Bacillales
XynABC OB3123-3121 Xyloside ABC transporter Sugar ABC transporter Clostridium, Thermoanaeobacterales, Bacillaceae
XynPTS CD3070-3067 Xyloside PTS transporter PTS system C. difficile, E. faecalis
  1. a Predicted functional assignments that were experimentally verified in C. acetobutylicum are marked by bold type and underlined.