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Table 1 Transcriptional regulation patterns of glycerol-induced sporulation markers.

From: Global transcriptome analysis of spore formation in Myxococcus xanthus reveals a locus necessary for cell differentiation

marker Mxan Sporulation: Detected in: Max. reg. Class Ref.
   S G S G    
exo 3227 N N Y Y NA* I* [24]
nla4 2516 N N NT NT NR   [23]
nla6 4042 N N NT NT 20.6 I [23]
nla18 3692 N N NT NT NR   [23]
nla24 7440 N N NT NT NR   [23]
Protein (gene)         
S1 (ops) 5430 Y Y Y Y 2.7 II [28, 85]
U (pru) 3885 Y NT Y Y 93.5 II [29]
W (prw) 2491 Y NT Y N NR   [20]
S2 (tps) 5432 Y Y Y N 3.7 II [28, 85]
C (?) ? NT NT Y N    [19]
Activity (gene)         
  putative Mxan       
isocitrate lyase NT Y    [50]
(aceA) 6442      126.1 I  
malate synthase NT Y    [50]
(aceB) 6441      36.3 I  
isocitrate dehydrogenase NT Y    [31]
(icd) 3537      -2.54   
trehalose synthesis NT Y     [30]
(treS) 3684      9.5 II  
(treY) 1533      12.9 I  
(treZ) 0541      NA   
(otsAB) 1192      5.4 I  
  1. Glycerol-induced sporulation markers displaying a mutant sporulation phenotype (Phenotype), encoding proteins identified in glycerol induced spores (Protein), or associated with upregulated activities (Activity). Mxan; gene id; S: starvation induced spores; G: glycerol induced spores; Max. reg.: maximum regulation in microarray analysis; NT: not tested; Y: yes; N: no; Class: I (peak upregulation 0.5-1 hours) or II (peak upregulation was 2-4 hours); ?: gene unknown. * gene not analyzable on chip but subsequent RT-PCR analysis indicated peak 724-fold regulation at 0.5 hours after induction (map I criteria). Underlined markers displayed a transcriptional regulation pattern consistent with the prediction from the literature.