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Table 2 Transcriptional regulation patterns of starvation-induced sporulation markers.

From: Global transcriptome analysis of spore formation in Myxococcus xanthus reveals a locus necessary for cell differentiation

Gene Mxan_ Sporulation: Max.
Class Ref.
   S G    
mspA 2269 N NT 3.6 I [34]
mspB 2432 N NT NR   [34]
mspC 6969 N NT 203.0 II [34]
cbgA 5828 N NT 5.7 I [35]
dev 7440 N Y NR   [39]
fdgA 3225 N NT 12.3 I [36]
aglU 3008 N NT NR   [41]
actA 3213 N N* 4.6 I [37]
actB 3214 N N* 23.2 II [37]
sigB 3357 Y/N Y 50.5 II [64]
sigC 6209 N N 140.5 II [86]
mrpA 5123 N NT 2.0 II [38]
  1. Starvation-induced sporulation markers which display a mutant sporulation phenotype without an associated defect in fruiting body formation. Mxan: gene id; S: starvation induced spores; G: glycerol induced spores; Max. reg.: maximum regulation in microarray analysis; NT: not tested; Y: yes; N: no; Class: I (peak upregulation 0.5-1 hours) or II (peak upregulation 2-4 hours). Underlined markers displayed a transcriptional regulation pattern consistent with the prediction from the literature;*: Müller and Higgs, unpublished