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Table 2 Results of the bioinformatic analyses

From: Differences in transcription between free-living and CO2-activated third-stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus

  Numbers of
ESTs/genomic sequences
in L3
Numbers of
ESTs/genomic sequences
in xL3
Sequences with ORFs 6847/2199 6696/2305
   InterPro 1876/1190 1614/1271
   GO 1382/505 1171/540
   KOBAS (pathway mapping) 2144/688 1788/1021
   C. elegans homologues/orthologues 2975/2630 2922/2782
   Homologues in organisms other than nematodes 2069/928 1689/1023
   No known homologues in available databases 3274/4968 3349/4709
  1. Results of the bioinformatic analyses of expressed sequence tag (EST) and genomic sequences representing the ensheathed (= L3) or exsheathed (= xL3) third larval stage of Haemonchus contortus. Numbers of sequences with open reading frames (ORFs) and of predicted proteins classified according to their domains (InterPro), Gene Ontologies (GO) and/or biological pathways (KOBAS). The numbers of sequences with orthologues or homologues in Caenorhabditis elegans, other parasitic nematodes and/or organisms other than nematodes are also listed.