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Table 6 Comparison of related methods and results.

From: Novel methods to identify biologically relevant genes for leukemia and prostate cancer from gene expression profiles

Authors Methods Cancer Type Results
Ben-Tor et al. [27] TNoM Ovarian 4/137 (Among the top 137 genes, 8 are cancer-related genes. 4 genes (GAPDH, SLPI, HE4 and keratin 18) are ovarian genes.)
Covell et al. [60] SOM Bladder 1/5 (1 out of the top 5 genes is a Bladder gene)
  Up-regulated in tumor cells and down-regulated in normal cells Breast 1/3 (1 out of the top 3 genes is a Breast gene)
   CNS 5/62 (5 out of the top 62 genes are CNS genes)
   Colorectal 2/37 (2 out of the top 37 genes are Colorectal genes)
   Leukemia 11/68 (11 out of the top 68 genes are Leukemia genes)
   Lung 1/4 (1 out of the top 4 genes is a Lung gene)
   Lymphoma 7/33 (7 out of the top 33 genes are Lymphoma genes)
   Melanoma 3/12 (3 out of the top 12 genes are melanoma genes)
   Mesothelioma 0/49 (0 out of the top 49 genes is a Mesothelioma gene)
   Pancreas 2/9 (2 out of the top 9 genes are Pancreas genes)
   Prostate 6/36 (6 out of the top 36 genes are Prostate genes)
   Renal 4/26 (4 out of the top 26 genes are Renal genes)
   Uterine 1/42 (1 out of the top 42 genes is a Uterine gene)