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Table 1 Summary of confirmed and unique reference FLcDNAs in contig sets for S. salar and E. lucius

From: Salmo salar and Esox lucius full-length cDNA sequences reveal changes in evolutionary pressures on a post-tetraploidization genome

  Contigs Reference FLcDNAs Confirmed in Contigs Unique
S. salar 81398 9057 6115 2942
E. lucius 11662 1365 1365 0
Total 93060 10422 7480 2942
  1. Reference FLcDNAs were confirmed, using BLASTN, against their corresponding contig set. The remainder of the reference FLcDNAs are represented by clones that are similar to and consistent with SwissProt entries and are unique to the full-length libraries characterized in this study.