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Table 1 Selenoproteins identified from the genome of Ciona intestinalis

From: In silico identification of the sea squirt selenoproteome

Selenoprotein gene Position
selenoprotein N (SelN) 2q
Gpx like protein a (Gpx a) 12p
Gpx like protein b (Gpx b) 1q
Gpx like protein c (Gpx c) 3q
Gpx like protein c (Gpx d) 14q
Gpx like protein c (Gpx e) scaffold_161
selenophosphate synthetase (SPS) 8q
selenoprotein W, 1 (SelW1) scaffold_63
selenoprotein W, 2 (SelW2) 1p
15 kDa selenoprotein (Sel 15) scaffold_127
iodothyronine deiodinase type 3 (DI 3) 9p
selenoprotein H (SelH) 4q
selenoprotein S (SelS) 4q
selenoprotein K (SelK) 7q
thioredoxin reductase (TR) 8q
selenoprotein O (SelO) 6q
selenoprotein T (SelT) 3q
DSBA like protein 3q
  1. * The genomic chromosome or scaffold from which the selenoprotein gene was identified. The abbreviated name of each selenoprotein is shown in parentheses.