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Table 1 Components in the template models

From: Computational prediction of the osmoregulation network in Synechococcus sp. WH8102

Organism Gene Symbol Function
  AB094497 GsmT Betaine synthetases with glycine as the
A. halo AB094498 SdmT substrate
  BAB69459 apNhaP Na+/H+ antiporter
  cg1016 BetP Betaine transporter
C. glut cg0864 MtrB Two-component system that senses osmotic
  cg0862 MtrA stress
  b0019 NhaA Na+ antiporter
  b1186 NhaB  
  b0020 NhaR Na+/H+ antiporter regulator
  b3290 TrkA Predominant K+ channel
  b1291 TrkE  
  b1363 TrkG  
  b3893 TrkH  
  b3747 Kup K+ channel playing a major role in neutral or slightly alkaline environments
  b0698 KdpA High-affinity K+ channel playing a major role
  b0697 KdpB under osmotic stress
  b0696 KdpC  
  b4513 KdpF  
  b0694 KdpE Two component system activating Kdp
E. coli b0695 KdpD expression under osmotic stress
  b0311 BetA Betaine synthetases with proline as the
  b0312 BetB substrate
  b0314 BetT Proline transporter
  b1896 OtsA Trehalose synthetases with UDPG as the
  b1897 OtsB substrate
  b2677 ProV Betaine/proline transporter
  b2678 ProW  
  b2679 ProX  
  b2938 SpeA Arginine synthetase
  b3404 EnvZ Two-component system regulating OmpC and
  b3405 OmpR OmpF under osmotic stress
  b0929 OmpF Porin-encoding genes
  b2215 OmpC  
  b4111 ProP Betaine/proline transporter
  b2741 σ38 RNA polymerase, Sigma 38 (Sigma S) factor
  b1126 PotA Putrescine/spermidine transporter
  b1125 PotB  
  b1124 PotC  
  b1123 PotD  
  b0854 PotF Putrescine transporter
  b0855 PotG  
  b0856 PotH  
  b0857 PotI  
P. mari ABX75857 GpgS Glucosylglycerate synthetase
  ABX75858 GpgP  
  sll0689 NhaS3 Na+/H+ antiporter
  sll0493 KtrA Predominant K+ transporter playing a major
  slr1509 KtrB role in K+ uptake under osmotic stress
  slr1508 KtrE  
  slr1728 KdpA High-affinity K+ channel playing a minor role
  slr1729 KdpB in K+ uptake under osmotic stress
  slr1730 KdpC  
PCC6803 slr1731 KdpD Two component system activating Kdp expression under osmotic stress
  sll0045 SpsA Sucrose synthetase
  slr1312 SpeA Arginine synthetase
  slr0662 SpeA  
  slr0747 GgtA Glucosylglycerol/trehalose/sucrose
  slr0529 GgtB transporter
  slr0530 GgtC  
  slr0531 GgtD  
  sll1546 GgpS Glucosylglycerol synthetases
  slr0746 GgpP  
  sll0306 RpoD RNA polymerase, Sigma 70 (sigma D) factor