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Table 8 Comparison of gene expression fold change between stimulated and non stimulated PBMCs at the protein (ELISA tests) and RNA levels (microarray)

From: Transcriptome analysis of porcine PBMCs after in vitro stimulation by LPS or PMA/ionomycin using an expression array targeting the pig immune response

  LPS stimulation fold change1 PMA/ionomycin stimulation fold change1
  Microarray ELISA Microarray ELISA
IL8 23.95 105.79 3.12 36.73
IL12 1.03NS 7.66 1.43 7691.24
TNFA 1.23NS 7.48 2.83 1126.79
IL1B 5.00 144.81 1.04NS 136.62
  1. 1NS: not significant at p value < 0.05.