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Table 2 Overview of parameters important for aCGH, MLPA and MAQ

From: Multiplex Amplicon Quantification (MAQ), a fast and efficient method for the simultaneous detection of copy number alterations in neuroblastoma

  Array CGH (44 K) MLPA MAQ
Number of sequences investigated per experiment 44000 DNA sequences up to 45 DNA sequences (5 control probes) up to 40 DNA sequences (9-10 control amplicons)
Number of reactions 1 2 3
Input DNA 150-400 ng DNA/reaction 100-200 ng DNA/reaction 50 ng DNA/reaction
Throughput intermediate high very high
Experiment time results within 72 h results within 24 h results within 6 h
Hands-on time high medium low
Detection of numerical aberrations + +/- +/-
Material oven, array scanner, software thermocycler and capillary electophoresis system thermocycler and capillary electophoresis system
(patient and reference samples included)
205 €
(1 control sample included)
88 €
(3 control** samples included)
66 €
(2 control** samples included)
  1. *For the price calculation we envisioned an experiment in which only 1 NB sample is screened which is reasonable as NB is a very infrequent tumor (approximately 20 new cases in Belgium every year)
  2. **The MLPA protocol recommends to use at least 3 control samples while 2 control samples are sufficient for MAQ according to the manufacturers