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Table 2 Protein sorting components encoded in the K. stuttgartiensis genome

From: A predicted physicochemically distinct sub-proteome associated with the intracellular organelle of the anammox bacterium Kuenenia stuttgartiensis

Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis homologues of proteins involved in protein sorting
Protein Function Subcellular Location Kuenenia homologue Accession Number
SecY SecYEG translocation complex Membrane kuste2983 CAJ73737
SecE SecYEG translocation complex Membrane kuste2951 CAJ73704
SecG SecYEG translocation complex Membrane kuste4254 CAJ75016
SecB chaperone Cytoplasm - -
SecA ATPase motor protein Cytoplasm kustb0170 CAJ70915
SecDF SecDF-YajC accessory complex Membrane kustd1962 CAJ72707
YajC SecDF-YajC accessory complex Membrane kustd1963 CAJ72708
YidC membrane protein assembly Membrane kustd1734 CAJ72479
TatA/B Transmembrane pore Membrane kuste2348 CAJ73093
TatC Tat signal recognition Membrane kustc0286 CAJ71031
Signal Peptidase I Sec signal peptidase Membrane kuste3749 CAJ74512
Signal Peptidase II lipoprotein signal peptidase Membrane kuste4338 CAJ75100
Signal Peptidase IV prepilin signal peptidase Membrane kustc0984 CAJ71729
FtsY SRP receptor Membrane kustc0279 CAJ71024
Ffh Major SRP subunit Cytoplasm kuste3317 CAJ74078
  1. Putative Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis orthologues of proteins that are known to be involved in protein sorting. Orthology is based on reciprocal best Blast hits and on the unique presence of PFAM functional domains.