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Table 2 SFP detection by gDNA hybridization.

From: A simple optimization can improve the performance of single feature polymorphism detection by Affymetrix expression arrays

Applicationa 5 μg 40 μg
Calledb 35,247 28,826
TRUEc 26,936 22,030
  38.89% 31.81%
FALSEd 8,311 6,796
  23.58% 23.58%
  1. 430,979 unique probes in 51,477 probe sets were used for SFP call. a, amount of applied genomic DNA for hybridization. b, number of probes detected as SFP probes at a threshold of delta = 0.378 by SAM. c, number of true SFP calls and percentage of true calls to predicted SFP probes by sequence analysis. d, number of false SFP calls and percentage of false calls to total calls.