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Figure 2

From: Genomic profiling of tumor initiating prostatospheres

Figure 2

Prostatosphere formation in PCSCs cell lines. A. Morphology of PCSC subpopulations plated in SCM only (-) or in SCM-1%KO (1%KO). Top: 96 well plate well 2400 dpi scans, Bottom: 20 × lens phase contrast images.

B. Fluorescent microscopy images of Cell-tracing experiments. 20 × lens magnification.

C. Percentage (%) of sphere forming cells during 12 serial passages or generations (G 2-12).

D. qRT-PCR of stem cell genes along generations. OCT3/4, NANOG, BMI1, CD44, CD133, TP63, K14 mRNA levels were assessed and only those that displayed variation along the generations are shown. In order to integrate the data into a single plot, the expression is presented as percentage of the maximum observed fold change. Rightmost tables indicate the absolute fold-change per gene and cell line.

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