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Figure 6

From: Genomic profiling of tumor initiating prostatospheres

Figure 6

Notch pathway activity in PSs. A. Heatmap of selected significantly modulated (p ≤ 0.05) Notch pathway genes in LNCaP and PCSCs. Top panel shows two biological replicates of LNCaP cell line. Right panel shows the average of the two replicates for each primary cell cultures from PCSC-1 (1), PCSC-2 (2) and PCSC-3 (3), as indicated.

B. Reporter gene analysis on LNCaP cells transfected with pGL4.17-HES1 (HES1) and pBOS-NCID (NCID). Error bars represent the standard deviation of three independent experiments. Y axis shows the relative normalized reporter activity ratio between PS/parental cell line.

C. LNCaP cells cultured for 7 days in SCM-1%KO in the absence (DMSO) or the presence of the indicated concentration of the γ-secretase inhibitor (GSI). Representative pictures of each the culture. 20 × lens phase contrast.

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