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Table 2 Unigenes with predicted enzyme function related to oxalate metabolism.

From: Transcriptome sequencing and comparative transcriptome analysis of the scleroglucan producer Sclerotium rolfsii

No. Enzyme Contig
1 Oxaloacetate hydrolase contig05630 contig03818 contig14763
2 Glyoxylate oxidase No hit
3 Isocitrate lyase contig14763 contig15770 contig18874 contig18218 contig00175 contig08937
4 Malate synthase contig00888 contig05791
5 Pyruvate carboxylase contig00420 contig21272
6 Aspartate aminotransferase contig02946 contig08150 contig16197 contig17262 contig19058 contig19059 contig20005
7 Oxalate decarboxylase No hit
8 Formate dehydrogenase contig00580 contig04723 contig04947 contig07858 contig11312 contig13166 contig15432 contig15438 contig16572 contig16914 contig17132 contig17885 contig18254 contig21037
9 Malate dehydrogenase contig02004 contig07487e contig12545 contig16174 contig18066 contig19518 contig21582
10 Succinate dehydrogenase contig11748 contig12058 contig05741 contig07994 contig14088 contig04161 contig15005 contig20092 contig17475 contig19516 contig18382 contig20164 contig20896 contig19935 contig21237 contig16039 contig19560
11 Oxalate oxidase No hit
12 Glycolate oxidase contig15511 contig21032 contig08342 contig17818
  1. → Summary of the S. rolfsii contigs giving at least one hit when analyzed with one of the four BLAST tools (E-value cut-off of 10-5) to the enzymes catalyzing reactions 1-12 according to Figure 4.