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Table 1 Summary of platforms

From: New insights into two distinct nucleosome distributions: comparison of cross-platform positioning datasets in the yeast genome

Authors Strains/Culture Platform Detection strategy Number/Resolution
Lee et al. BY4741/in YPD Affymetrix HMM 70,871/4 bp
Albert et al. BY4741/in rich media Pyrosequencing Chip-Seq Length:~25 bp ~10,000/~4 bp
Whitehouse et al. S288C/in C media Affymetrix Iteratively fitting WT:58,275/~5 bp
     M:62,594/~5 bp
Shivaswamy et al. S288C/in rich media Solexa Ultra-high-throughput sequencing Chip-Seq N:49,043/~1 bp
    Length:~25 bp H:52,817/~1 bp
Mavrich et al. BY4741/YPD The Roche GS20 Chip-Seq 54,753/~1 bp
   454 Life Sciences Length > 100 bp  
Field et al. BY4741/in YPD 454 pyrosequencing Chip-Seq 43,720~44,134/~1 bp
   parallel sequencing Length:~200 bp  
  1. The normal condition is denoted by N, and the heat shock condition is denoted by H. The isw2 mutation strains and wild-type strains are separately represented by M and WT. Numbers in the fifth column represent the total nucleosome counts detected in each experiment and data resolution, respectively.