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Table 1 Directory of the Plasmodium transcription-associated proteins: number and functions.

From: In silico and biological survey of transcription-associated proteins implicated in the transcriptional machinery during the erythrocytic development of Plasmodium falciparum

I. General Transcription Factors (GTF)  
   1. Polymerase core subunits 12
   2. Polymerase accessory proteins 2
   3. General coactivators involved in initiation 25
   4. General coactivators involved in initiation and elongation 13
   5. General coactivators involved elongation 4
   sub-total 56
II. Chromatin-related Transcription Factors (CTF)  
   1. Histones 8
   2. Chromatin structuring factors 18
   3. Chromatin remodelling factors 13
   4. Modifying enzymes 24
   sub-total 63
III. Specific Trancription Factors (STF)  
   0 SC. Apicomplexan specifc AP2 27
   2 SC. Zinc finger 37
   3 SC. Helix Turn Helix 8
   4 SC. beta-Scaffold Factors with Minor Groove Contacts 1
   sub-total 73
IV. TAP partners 10
   Total 202
  1. The number of all sets of transcription-associated proteins are listed according to their classes and sub-classes named with respect to their potential functional implication in transcription of the messenger RNA.