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Table 3 List of P. falciparum Chromatin-related Factors sorted by functions.

From: In silico and biological survey of transcription-associated proteins implicated in the transcriptional machinery during the erythrocytic development of Plasmodium falciparum

Sub-classes Gene ID Annotation
1. Histones PFC0920w Histone H2A
  PFF0860c Histone H2A
  PF07_0054 Histone H2B
  PF11_0062 Histone H2B
  PF13_0185 Histone H3
  PFF0510w histone H3
  PFF0865w Histone H3
  PF11_0061 Histone H4
2. Chromatin structuration PF10_0328 bromodomain protein
  PF14_0724 bromodomain protein
  PFA0510w bromodomain protein
  PFL0635c bromodomain protein
  PF11_0418 chromodomain protein
  PFL1005c PfHP1 (chromodomain protein)
  PFB0875c Chromatin-binding protein, putative
  PFF1185w ISW1::ISW1 homologue
  PF10_0232 SAGA/SILK::CHD1 homologue
  PFB0730w SWI/SNF::SNF2 homologue
  PF13_0308 SWI/SNF::SNF2 like
  PF08_0048 SWR1::SWR1
  PFF0225w DNA helicase
  MAL8P1.65 FUN30 homologue
  PF11_0053 PfSNF2L: chromatin accessibility complex::ISW2 homologue
  PFI0590c zf-HIT protein
  PF14_0314 chromatin assembly factor 1 p55 subunit, putative
  PFA0520c chromatin assembly factor 1 protein WD40 domain, putative
3. Chromatin remodelling PFE0090w chromosome assembly factor 1, CAF-1
  PF14_0393 FACT::POB3
  PFE0870w FACT::SPT16
  PF08_0100 SWR1::RVB1 homologue
  PF11_0071 SWR1::RVB1 homologue
  PF13_0330 SWR1::RVB2 homologue
  PF14_0608 SWR1::SWC2 homologue
  PFF1385c SWR1/NuA4::SWC4 homologue
  PFI0930c nucleosome assembly protein (PfB7)
  PFL0185c nucleosome assembly protein 1
  PFL0145c PfHMGB1
  MAL8P1.72 PfHMGB2
  MAL13P1.290 PfHMGB4
4. Modifying enzymes MAL13P1.255 adenine-specific methylase
  PF11_0192 HAT, NuA4::ESA1
  PF08_0034 HAT, ADA/SAGA::GCN5
  MAL8P1.200 HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PF10_0036 HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PF13_0131 HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PF14_0350 HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PFA0465c HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PFF1405c HAT, histone acetyl transferase
  PF10_0078 HDAC, Histone deacetylase
  PF14_0690 HDAC, Histone deacetylase
  PFI1260c HDAC, Histone deacetylase
  PF13_0152 HDAC, SIR2 family
  PF14_0489 HDAC, SIR2 family
  MAL8P1.111 histone demethylase JHD2
  MAL13P1.19 SAGA/NuA4::TRA1
  MAL13P1.122 SET domain protein
  PF08_0012 SET domain protein
  PF11_0160 SET domain protein
  PFD0190w SET domain protein
  PFF1440w SET domain protein
  PFL0690c SET histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, putative
  MAL7P1.37 SIN3-repressing complex::p18
  MAL8P1.131 SWR1/NuA4::YAF9 homologue