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Table 2 Comparison of S. pneumoniae TIGR4 operons identified by tiling arrays with Streptococcus operons described in literature.

From: Identification of novel non-coding small RNAs from Streptococcus pneumoniae TIGR4 using high-resolution genome tiling arrays

Operon name Experimental prediction Tiling array predictions Literature reference (PUBMED ID)
murMN SP0615-SP0616 - 10759563
vic SP1225-SP1226-SP1227 SP1225-SP1226-SP1227 12379689
MiaR reg MarMP (3 operon) SP2106-SP2107 SP2106-SP2107  
  SP2108-SP2109-SP2110 SP2108 11278784
  SP2111-SP2112 SP2109-SP2110  
phg SP1043-SP1044-SP1045 - 15271918
TrmD SP0776-SP0777-SP0778-SP0779-SP0780 SP0778-SP0779-SP0780 15060037
ComCDE SP2235-SP2236-SP2237 - 9352904
luxS & Dcw3 SP0340 SP0340 16436421
  SP0334-SP0335-SP0336-SP0337 SP0336-SP0337  
man SP0282-SP0283-SP0284 SP0282-SP0283-SP0284 12486041
atp SP1507-SP1508-SP1509-SP1510-SP1511-SP1512-SP1513-SP1514 SP1507-SP1508-SP1509-SP1510-SP1511-SP1512-SP1513-SP1514 15576803