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Figure 3

From: Prednisolone-induced differential gene expression in mouse liver carrying wild type or a dimerization-defective glucocorticoid receptor

Figure 3

Literature-based network of glucocorticoid-induced effects. A network representation of the enrichment results was generated, in which differentially expressed genes together with enriched keywords are plotted. Genes are shown as circles (Red: upregulated; Green: downregulated), whereas enriched keywords are shown as squares. Connections between genes and keywords represent co-publications in Medline abstracts. To avoid an over-complex network, thresholds were set to simplify the interpretation of the results. Only keywords and genes that share at least 5 publications and have an R-scaled score of at least 45 are plotted in the network [34]. Several higher-order biological processes that are affected by prednisolone can be appreciated: cell cycle and apoptosis, acute-phase response, stress response, amino acid metabolism, gluconeogenesis and lipid metabolism.

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