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Table 1 CoPub keyword enrichment analysis on prednisolone-regulated genes.

From: Prednisolone-induced differential gene expression in mouse liver carrying wild type or a dimerization-defective glucocorticoid receptor

Biological process # of associated genes
Glucose metabolism/transport 22
Gluconeogenesis 21
Lipid metabolism/glycosylation 21
Glycolysis 14
Carbohydrate metabolism/transport 14
Amino acid metabolism/transport 13
Cell cycle and apoptosis  
Apoptosis 77
Cell proliferation 72
Cell cycle 65
Cell growth and-or maintenance, cell growth 63
Homeostasis 58
Cell differentiation 49
Cell cycle arrest 37
Immune/inflammatory response  
Inflammatory response 31
Acute-phase response 20
  1. CoPub was used to calculate keyword enrichment in the set of prednisolone-regulated probe sets in wild type mice. The analysis revealed that the differential regulated genes (non-redundant set) are predominantly involved in three main processes: metabolism, cell cycle and apoptosis, and immune/inflammatory response. The right column shows the number of differential regulated genes associated with a specific enriched keyword.