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Table 1 Nuclear-encoded plastid proteins of D. acuminata

From: Transcriptome analysis reveals nuclear-encoded proteins for the maintenance of temporary plastids in the dinoflagellate Dinophysis acuminata

Accession Annotation 454 (bp) mRNA (bp) Phylogenetic grouping
HM125143 Photosystem II subunit M, PsbM 506 506 Cryptophytes
HM125145 Triose-phosphate transporter, TPT 406 1434 Peridinin dinoflagellates
HM125141 Plastid ferredoxin, PetF 155 754 Peridinin dinoflagellates
HM125142 Light harvesting protein LI818 911 1493 Fucoxanthin dinoflagellates
HM125144 Photosystem II subunit U, PsbU 689 938 Haptophytes