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Table 2 Coefficient of exchange (CE) along the distal region of chromosome 3DS in Ae. tauschii

From: Physical mapping of a large plant genome using global high-information-content-fingerprinting: the distal region of the wheat ancestor Aegilops tauschii chromosome 3DS

  Delineating EST Distance between the EST  
Contig left right cM kb CE (cM/Mb)
Ctg4 BF484268 BE426287 0.79 361 2.19
Ctg12 BE495304 BE591013 0.07 49.4 1.42
Ctg17-22 BG604577 BE446087 0.78 8,214 0.09
Ctg3-22 TC281750 BE446087 49.9 21,255 2.35