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Table 3 KRAB factors enriched in CD34+ cells are regulated by HOXA5

From: Expression of a retinoic acid signature in circulating CD34 cells from coronary artery disease patients

KRAB factor Human CD34-enriched TF p = 5.31E-07 HOXA5 Targets p = 1.26E-05
ZNF165 + +
ZNF14 + +
ZNF228 + +
ZNF22 +  
ZNF282 +  
ZNF187 +  
ZNF175 +  
ZNF212 +  
ZNF167 +  
ZNF324 +  
ZNF435   +
ZNF136   +
ZNF195   +
ZNF3   +
ZNF20   +
ZNF426   +
  1. Part of the CD34-enriched KRAB domain transcription factors overlap with previously identified transcription factors in CD34+ cells, and HOXA5 target genes. A comparison of CD34-enriched KRAB factors with curated genesets was performed in the MSig database [13]. TF; transcription factors