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Table 2 The 027 genes absent from all PCR-ribotypes except 001, 078 and 106

From: Array comparative hybridisation reveals a high degree of similarity between UK and European clinical isolates of hypervirulent Clostridium difficile

Gene Function
CDR0043-7 thymidylate synthase, dihydrofolate reductase region, putative uncharacterized protein, thiamine biosynthesis protein thic, putative thymidylate synthase
CDR0310 tetR (putative transcriptional regulator)
CDR0531 putative membrane-associated metalloprotease
CDR0551 abc transporter, atp-binding/permease protein
CDR1277-8 putative uncharacterized protein, transcriptional regulator, araC family protein
CDR1324 putative uncharacterized protein
CDR1416-7 putative uncharacterized protein, hipa-like
CDR1443 phage-related protein
CDR1446 prophage antirepressor-related protein
CDR1448-9 putative uncharacterized protein; putative phage tail tape measure protein
CDR1456-5 putative phage tail fiber protein, hypothetical phage protein
CDR2757-61 putative uncharacterized protein, putative lantibiotic ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein, sortase, two-component system, sensor histidine kinase, putative uncharacterized protein
CDR2961 putative uncharacterized protein
CDR2986-92 putative uncharacterized protein x5, frg domain protein
CDR2994 crispr-associated helicase cas3
CDR2996-9 putative uncharacterized protein, crispr-associated protein cas6, crispr-associated protein cas5 family, putative uncharacterized protein
CDR3010 phage-related protein
CDR3025 gcn5-related n-acetyltransferase;
CDR3278 putative exported protein
CDR3280 putative uncharacterized protein
CDR3281 transposon tn21 resolvase
CDR3285-7 putative uncharacterized proteins
CDR3458-9 putative conjugative transposon replication initiation factor
CDR3462-3 conjugative transposon protein × 2
CDR3466 conjugative transposon protein