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Table 3 contigs identified to flank or contain gene sequences of interest.

From: A draft physical map of a D-genome cotton species (Gossypium raimondii)

Gene name   Closest Contigs
Cotton fiber genes Closest Genetic Markers  
Li2 A1552, Gate4BC11 ctg1749, ctg2409
Li1 Gate4CA09, Coau1J04 ctg478, ctg8796, ctg10964, ctg11826
N1/Fbl Gafb28I12, pAR0244, Gafb29C08 ctg11567, ctg3941, ctg5857, ctg 497, ctg1153, ctg1422, ctg1955, ctg2775, ctg3754, ctg8492, ctg11632, ctg93, ctg4489, ctg12050, ctg10883, ctg7872
Other genes and gene families Probes  
CesA COV2311, COV2312, COV1269, COV1270 ctg10763, ctg10561, ctg10858, ctg12310, ctg228
GTPB COV2309, COV2310 ctg11814, ctg483, ctg669
AdhA COV1992, COV1993, COV1265, COV1266 ctg10740, ctg11096, ctg11218, ctg11323, ctg12283
AdhC COV1267 ctg1376
AdhD COV1924, COV1925 ctg1376, ctg159
Arabidopsis trichome genes   
TUA6 - ctg1653, ctg3177
TTG2 COV1942 ctg937
ACT2 COV1933 ctg908
GL2 - ctg601
FRA1 COV1932 ctg6359, ctg1785, ctg59
FRA2 COV1940 ctg1009, ctg11648
GL3 COV1945 ctg686, ctg2610
GL1 COV1950 ctg9085, ctg11801
TRY COV1936 ctg471, ctg3808
SPIKE1 COV1937 ctg10915, ctg157, ctg627