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Table 3 Identified nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) genes

From: De novo characterization of a whitefly transcriptome and analysis of its gene expression during development

nAChR subunits Gene ID Length Subject ID Species E value
alpha 1 subunit Singletons162135 464 NP_001091690.1 Apis mellifera 5.00E-83
alpha 2 subunit Singletons18288 846 AAD09808.1 Heliothis virescens 1.00E-122
alpha 3 subunit Singletons14592 2136 CAI54098.1 Bemisia tabaci 0
alpha 4 subunit Singletons1403 1044 ABE67099.1 Bemisia tabaci 1.00E-176
alpha 5 subunit Singletons163989 539 ACM09845.1 Tribolium castaneum 3.00E-63
Nla6 subunit Singletons43497 103 ACL14949.1 Nilaparvata lugens 2.00E-09
alpha 7 subunit Singletons117529 170 ABV72697.1 Tribolium castaneum 5.00E-25
alpha 10 subunit Singletons7258 273 ACP31313.1 Tribolium castaneum 5.00E-12
beta 1 subunit Singletons17694 1134 ACJ07013.1 Nilaparvata lugens 1.00E-146