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Figure 1

From: Small RNAs, DNA methylation and transposable elements in wheat

Figure 1

sRNA counts over annotated genomic regions. Bar graphs representing the total counts of sRNA that perfectly matched annotated TEs and genes in EU835198 (A), DQ871219 (B), and EF540321 (C). sRNA counts and size of the annotated locus to which the sRNAs match correspond to bar height and bar width, respectively. A graphical representation of the structure of the genomic regions is provided below each bar graph. TEs are shown as colored boxes and genes as arrows. More recent insertions of repetitive elements are shown as boxes nested above the elements into which they were inserted. Boxes of the same colour and at the same level are part of the same element. In Figure 1B the bar with asterisk corresponds to the total counts of sRNAs from library TAE4 matching the RNAi target (TaNAM) gene.

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