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Table 4 Sequence homologies of the 5 predictive markers when compared to available sequences for L. pneumophila strains Paris (lpp), Philadelphia (lpg), Lens (lpl), Corby (LPC) and L. pneumophila str. Paris plasmid (plpp)

From: Comparative genome analysis of a large Dutch Legionella pneumophila strain collection identifies five markers highly correlated with clinical strains

Marker name Homologues in available genome sequences
11A2 plpp0001
19H4 lpp0831; lpg0766; lpl0807; LPC_2526
10B12 lpp0816/0817; lpg0750/0751; lpl0787/10788; LPC_2541/2542
24B1 lpp2398/2399; LPC_1880/1881
8D6 lpg0514; lpl0552
  1. Absence of homologues indicates that no high similarity homologue is present. The sequences are accessible through GenBank accession numbers HM584933-HM584937).