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Figure 2

From: Comparative metagenomic analysis of plasmid encoded functions in the human gut microbiome

Figure 2

Identification of sequences homologous to pTRACA10, pTRACA22 and encoded ORFS in human gut metagenomes. The complete nucleotide sequences of plasmids was used to search 15 human gut metagenomes, the combined gut metagenome of lean and obese mice, Sargasso sea, and soil metagenomes [911, 30, 31]. The central ring shows the physical plasmid map with encoded ORFs, as in Figure 1 and Table S1. Concentric rings represent the nine human gut metagenomes in which homologous sequences were identified, and bars indicate regions of homology between sequences retrieved from human gut metagenomes and corresponding regions of the pTRACA10 or pTRACA22 plasmids. Colours of bars indicate the % identity at the nucleotide level for each metagenomic sequence as detailed in the associated key. Only sequences >100 bp in length are shown, and numerals within bars correspond to detailed information on the relevant metagenomic sequences provided in Table 1. Metagenomes are as follows: Hum7, Hum8 - American metagenomes [9]; In-R, F2-W, F2-V, F2-Y, In-E, In-D, In-M - Japanese metagenomes [10].

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