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Figure 6

From: Unravelling the neurophysiological basis of aggression in a fish model

Figure 6

Temporal changes in gene expression correlated with changes in aggression. A. Phenotypic anchoring of (i) temporal changes in the total number of genes that were differentially-expressed between social ranks, which differed in aggressiveness (across hypothalamus and telencephalon) and (ii) parallel changes identified in the expression levels of individual genes within ranks over the same time with (iii) temporal changes in aggressiveness of zebrafish between day 1 and day 5. B. Hierarchical cluster analysis of all genes in (i) hypothalamus and (ii) telencephalon of dominant (high aggression) and subordinate (low aggression) males and females and the corresponding PCAs performed on the profiles of the same individual fish (n = 7-8 per group) in (ii) hypothalamus and (iv) telencephalon (the dashed lines drawn arbitrarily indicate clustering of the samples) on day 5. Statistically significant changes (P < 0.05) are indicated by an asterisk.

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