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Figure 4

From: Probing the pan-genome of Listeria monocytogenes: new insights into intraspecific niche expansion and genomic diversification

Figure 4

Phylogenomic reconstruction of 26 L. monocytogenes strains. (A) Neighbor joining (NJ) tree based on the presence or absence of 3,560 HGs in 7 LI, 9 LII and 10 LIII genomes. EGD-e and J2-071 are analyzed by both BLAST and CGH data. Braches with bootstrap (1,000 replicates) values less than 70% were labeled in red. (B) NJ tree based on the presence or absence of 2,855 EGD-e core genes. (C) Split network based on the distribution of 3,560 HGs in 26 L. monocytogenes genomes.

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