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Table 1 Description on cDNA libraries

From: Generation and analysis of ESTs from strawberry (Fragaria xananassa) fruits and evaluation of their utility in genetic and molecular studies

Library Cultivar Tissue/stage/treatment Source
M1 Carisma Green fruit receptacle This publication
M2 Carisma Green fruit achenes This publication
C1 Chandler Subtracted red/green fruit This publication
C2 Chandler Red fruit This publication
C3 Chandler Subtracted red/green fruit This publication
L1 Elsanta Red fruit treated with ethylene This publication
CO3 Queen Elisa Red fruit dbEST GenBank
CO8 Festival Whole plant treated 24 h with 1 mM SA dbEST GenBank
AB2* Shikinari Mature leaf dbEST GenBank
AF0* Brighton Red fruit receptacle dbEST GenBank
AI7* Elsanta Red fruit dbEST GenBank
CO7* Pajaro Leaves infected with Colletotrichum dbEST GenBank
  1. * These libraries (with less than 100 sequences) were pooled for their analysis and named here after as SGBL (small GenBank libraries)