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Table 10 Sequences down-regulated in the receptacle of red fruits of Fragaria xananassa (cv. Camarosa) in comparison to red receptacle of F. vesca, corresponding to the biological process "Response to Stress" using the Blat2go software.

From: Generation and analysis of ESTs from strawberry (Fragaria xananassa) fruits and evaluation of their utility in genetic and molecular studies

GenBank Acc. No. Fold change DOWN F. xananassa/F. vesca Sequence description
DY674268 30.9 small heat-shock
GT151847 25.0 small heat shock protein
DY671878 18.4 heat shock protein 18
CO817068 16.9 thaumatin-like protein precursor
DY673748 14.0 hypothetical protein
DY668381 9.5 ripening-induced protein
DY667780 6.3 major latex
DV439443 6.0 heat shock protein 83
GT150079 5.8 heat shock
DY674688 5.2 heat shock
GT149690 4.8 heat shock protein
GT150402 4.3 heat shock protein putative
CX662201 4.2 mitochondrial heat shock 22 kd
GT149286 4.1 heat shock protein 17.8
  1. Expression study was performed in a microarray system as described in the Methods. Sequences were selected after establishing a 4-fold threshold and passing a t-test and FDR (Benjamini-Hochberg) test (p-value < 0.1) for significance.