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Figure 1

From: SOLiD sequencing of four Vibrio vulnificus genomes enables comparative genomic analysis and identification of candidate clade-specific virulence genes

Figure 1

Graphical representation of coverage of the reference genome components by sequences of each of the four newly sequenced genomes. The depth of coverage (number of matched 35-nt reads per 100-nt window of the reference genomes) is plotted for both chromosomes of the reference CMCP6 and YJ016 genomes and the YJ016 plasmid. The source strain for the reads being matched are as follows: M06 - M06-24/O, B5 - 99-738 DP-B5, B8 - 99-520 DP-B8, ATCC - ATCC 33149. It should be noted that coverage of the reference genomes is not as continuous as it appears in the figures.

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