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Table 2 Differential expression of transcripts from fins and organs by Q-PCR arrays.

From: Zebrafish fin immune responses during high mortality infections with viral haemorrhagic septicemia rhabdovirus. A proteomic and transcriptomic approach

accession number short name long name transcripts Fins Organs
complement components
NM_001024435 c9 complement component 9 15.33 2.71
NM_131243 c3b complement component c3b 9.24 -1.30
NM_200863 c8g complement component 8. gamma polypeptide 3.69 1.63
immunoglobulin-related proteins
NM_001034182 sid4 secreted immunoglobulin domain 4 35.99 1.09
cluster differentiation antigens
NM_001002363 cd36 CD36 antigen 7.68 1.26
NM_212619 cd9 CD9 antigen (p24) 2.09 1.25
NM_001020792 il22 interleukin 22 3.59 -1.32
NM_001020789 il17d interleukin 17d 2.20 1.04
major hystocompatibility complex
NM_131471 mhc1uba major histocompatibility complex class I UBA gene 3.01 1.41
guanine nucleotide binding proteins
NM_213224 gnl2 guanine nucleotide binding protein-like 2 (nucleolar) 2.72 -1.09
NM_001002397 gng7 guanine nucleotide binding protein gamma 7 2.02 1.21
NM_152980 mst1 macrophage stimulating 1 hepatocyte growth factor 25.02 -1.36
NM_131607 tradd tnfrsf1a-associated via death domain 2.83 1.07
NM_001110278 acvr2a activin receptor IIa 2.49 -1.01
NM_001039637 foxp1b forkhead box P1b 2.37 1.09
NM_200154 sla/lpl soluble liver antigen/liver pancreas antigen. like 2.28 2.10
NM_131000 alcam activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule 2.25 -1.29
NM_001040353 crfb12 cytokine receptor family member B12 1.68 -3.33
  1. For each experiment, 10 zebrafish were infected with 2 × 106 ffu of VHSV/ml at 14°C while other 10 zebrafish remained non-infected. RNA was extracted from the fins or organs 2-days after VHSV or mock infection, converted to cDNA and used for the AmpliTaq reaction in 384 well plates containing 2 × 186 selected immune-related zebrafish TaqMan Assays (Applied Biosystems). In each plate, 2 × 3 assays of the rplp0 gene were used for normalization. The mean and their corresponding p (t Student one tail) were then calculated from 5 experiments. The transcripts from either fins and/or organs with >2-fold and p < 0.05 changes were first tabulated and then the rest of the table was completed with their corresponding calculated fold values in organs and/or fins, respectively. Fold, expression level in VHSV-infected tissue/expression level in non-infected tissue. +, increased. -, decreased. ~, similar. Figure 3 shows the representation of means and standard errors (SE) of all the genes.