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Table 1 Overview of the predicted and detected ncRNAs.

From: Genome-wide detection of predicted non-coding RNAs in Rhizobium etli expressed during free-living and host-associated growth using a high-resolution tiling array

Reference Organism Predicted(a) Detected(b)
del Val et al. 2007 Sinorhizobium meliloti 32(8) 11
Weinberg et al. 2007 α-proteobacteria 955 32
Livny et al. 2008 Rhizobium etli 189 60
Ulve et al. 2008 S. meliloti 67(14) 10
Valverde et al. 2008 S. meliloti 271(18) 29
Landt et al. 2008 Caulobacter crescentus (300/27) 3
  1. (a) Number of predicted ncRNAs that were used in this study. The number of ncRNAs detected in the respective study is indicated between brackets.
  2. (b) Number of R. etli candidate ncRNAs detected in this study.